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Ribbons & Bows For Christmas Trees

By |December 1st, 2018|

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Planting a Live Christmas Tree

By |December 1st, 2018|

Family traditions are a big part of the holiday season. Many families have created landscapes that are planted with evergreens from Christmas past. Memories grow on with Spruce, Fir and Pines that were once a part of the holiday festivities. Properly planned, a live tree can be decorated, enjoyed and eventually planted in the space […]

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Poinsettia Care

By |December 1st, 2018|

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) remain one of the most popular holiday flowers. Hybridizers have expanded the range of colors from the familiar red to pastel yellow and vibrant bi-colors. One of the most common questions after Christmas is “How can I care for my poinsettia so that it will bloom again next Christmas?”. While this can […]

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Birds in the Garden: Creating a Haven for Colorful Birds in Your Yard

By |November 1st, 2018|

Birds bring many benefits to our lives. They fill our gardens with song, bring a spark of color and interest to our winter landscapes, and also eat many garden pests. Attracting birds to your landscape is fun. Their needs are easy to meet and just about everyone can achieve success by providing them with three […]

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Caring For Christmas Cactus

By |November 1st, 2018|


Christmas Cacti are easy to grow. When they bloom, they produce colorful tubular flowers in pink or lilac colors. They bloom a long time indoors and they are low-maintenance houseplants, which makes them popular. We’ll bet someone in your family has a Christmas Cactus!

Despite their name, Christmas cacti are not desert cacti. Their natural habit is one […]

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Christmas Urns for My Front Door

By |November 1st, 2018|

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By |October 1st, 2018|


Houseplants can add color, beauty, and character to your living space! Here are a few key tips for keeping houseplants happy and healthy in your home.

When arranging houseplants in your home, consider their lighting needs. Some plants require lots of direct light to thrive, while others prefer lower levels of […]


Succulent Pumpkin Planter

By |October 1st, 2018|

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Growing Orchids for Beginners

By |October 1st, 2018|

So you want an introduction to growing orchids for beginners? You’re in for an adventure, since growing orchids is addictive! I’ll give you some “gateway” orchid care instructions below. Once you know how to grow orchids, they’ll thrive for you, as most are easy to care for. They’ll grow bigger, make more flowers each year, […]

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Planting Ornamental Grasses

By |September 1st, 2018|

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