Now is the perfect time to schedule your upcoming landscaping projects. Call now and you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful new surroundings. We will be happy to come to you and work out all the details.
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Sylvan Nursery & Landscaping has a full range of expertise and experience at every level of design to dramatically enhance your outdoor environment. We don’t use subcontractors and have a landscape designer on staff.

We have an expert construction crew with more than 22 years of team collaboration for landscape construction and installation. Sylvan Landscaping utilizes tools and techniques that minimize labor and afford easy access to the smallest of properties. We encourage you to come to our retail location to select your own wall stone, flagstone, and pavers so that there is a true comfort level in what will be used on your specific project. You may also review hundreds of “before and after” photos to assist you in visioning your dream landscape.

We also provide our customers with expert knowledge on pool placement, design, paving and decking. Many of the homes Sylvan Nursery & Landscaping has developed have become garden tour favorites.

Here is a list of landscaping services that we offer:


  • Installation (pull or french style)
  • Repair
  • Winterization/Blowout

Landscape Maintenance

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing Service
  • Spring Clean Up Work (power rake and aeration)
  • Fertilization
  • Shrub, Bush & Tree Trimming

Landscape Construction

  • Consultation & Design
  • Planting
  • Grading
  • Rock and Wood Mulch (bark)
  • Water Features
  • Sod Laying
  • Concrete Edging

Snow Removal


What Are Your Plans? We can help!

What are your views around the driveway? What focal points may be supplemented? Do you have enough room for turns and parking? What are your best features of engineering and grading? How can the best features be enhanced?

Front Walkways & Garden Paths:
Is there existing congruence with your house (i.e. color, texture, size and shape)? How is your driveway integrated to your walkways? What would your best plant integration plan be? Do you have sufficient lighting for walkway safety and aesthetic appeal?

How can Sylvan Nursery & Landscaping best present your home? Is your curb appeal one that will bring you year-round enjoyment an/or the privacy (evergreens) you desire? How does your home’s landscape tie in to that of the rest of the neighborhood?

Side & Rear Yards
What are the best materials for your zone and lighting? Will a patio or deck work better than the other to enhance your grounds and to accommodate gatherings? What are the current and future (are you going to expand your home) spatial requirements? Are there social and entertainment needs that will vary from group to intimate? What are the sun and shade indicators for grilling and lounging?

Lawns, Ornamental, Perennial & Woody Plantings
Sylvan Nursery and Landscaping will work closely with you to choose the right plantings. Our experts will focus attention on sun & shade, your soil, drainage and irrigation. In award winning fashion, we adapt inspired ideas to your existing property. We utilize top shrub varieties, hot sandy climate winners, shade loving flowers and plants, and multitudes of perennials to stretch blooming time from early spring to late autumn. Not only do we tell you all about trees, we explain how we choose them, plant them and tend to them.

Our Pledge
We will stay with you until the goals we’ve agreed to are met. We will provide follow-up with you for satisfaction for a full season-at no charge!